Self-Sensing Single Crystal Diamond Tip Cantilevers

博乐红包扫雷群this is a special type of scl’s self-sensing cantilevers with a hard, long-life and sharp single crystal diamond tip (scd). the cantilever is delivered on our cantilever pcb (cl-pcb) with a small 10 pin connector on its bottom side.

博乐红包扫雷群we offer this cantilever type with or without an integrated heater.

prsa (piezo-resistive sensing & active) cantilever probes exhibit an additional thermal actuator (heater structure) on the cantilever. prs (piezo-resistive sensing) cantilever probes provide a sensing wheatstone bridge (without a thermal actuator).

General order information for silicon tip cantilevers:
博乐红包扫雷群Delivery time 2 weeks | Minimum order € 500,-